International animal rights gathering and the struggle against fascism

Three Way Fight


Les Panthères EnragĂ©es (the Rabid Panthers) is a Toulouse-based group. Their website says, “We fight for animal liberation in a comprehensive approach against all forms of exploitation and domination.” They attended the International Animal Rights Gathering in Belgium in August 2013 and raised the issue of fascists within the movement. Here is an excerpt from their report:


“The debate about anti-fascism exposed the particularly worrying situation in France on issues of animal rights’ struggles which are gangrenous with the presence of racist, homophobic and fascist militants and groups. This situation may stem from different reasons, one of which being that the struggles on animal rights are not attracting anti-capitalist, anarchist or anti-fascist militants, which leaves room to the spreading of these sickening ideas without any powerful and united response. Another cause is that a vast majority of this struggle is made in the name of animal protection rather than animal liberation, which makes it into a single-issue campaign, devoid of any political project or intersectionality, which therefore accepts without any problem the presence, support, or funding from anyone, under the pretense that everything must be done and thought solely to protect animals.”

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