Labour gets a kicking in British Elections

The results are in and the British Labour Party didnt do so well.

The British National Party (a political party heavily numbered by UK fascists who are taking the popular, electoral road rather than the paramilitary) made gains in previously strong Labour areas. From the BBC: “BNP leader Nick Griffin said the party had benefited from ‘people wanting to kick the Labour Party really hard and we’re the politically incorrect way to do it’.”

The Tories, who are the conservative and traditional opposition to Labour, also made a showing. But I wonder if, taking Griffin’s words as legit, the BNP got those votes because long-time but now disillusioned Labour party supporters see the Tories as ineffective as Labour and thus the BNP becomes a type of protest vote.

Another factor for the BNP’s gaining of seats is it’s hard anti-immigration stance. Like here in the States, there is a growing and reactionary trend amongst the populace (predominantley White Western-Euro) that see’s immigration as a threat to the established and ruling culture. A vote for the BNP becomes a ballot box protest against the Arabs, Africans, and Eastern Europeans who are making Britain their new home.

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