Merci Montréal!

Members of Three Way Fight who were in Montréal this past weekend want to say MERCI! to our friends – old and new – who helped make our time there so memorable! Dure Réalité, Mtl RASH (Red and Anarchist Skinheads), Union Thugs – you all are always so gracious and inspiring and show what a revolutionary counter culture is and can be! We were also so excited and fortunate to connect with Rebel Time Records. Thanks for all that you have and continue to do! This weekend happened by you connecting all of us together around the new americas edition of the Brigada Flores Magon album, Immortels!

We also want to say that the weekend was made even more special by the in-person book event for, We Go Where They Go: The Story of Anti Racist Action. The books authors have made an important contribution to our movement’s histories! Big thanks as well to Montréal Antifasciste, Kersplebeded/Left Wing Books, Antifa International and all the old comrades of A.R.A. who came in from across nord america to participate. So awesome!

The weekend was one of comraderie, conversations, catching up on the old and discussing what needs to be done in the present for the struggles. And we absolutely want to say Merci Beaucoup to Brigada for providing the soundtrack for the weekend!

In days that can seem so dark and full of crisis and evil doings at the hands of the forces of the system and the fascists, this weekend was a bright spot and a reminder that there can be living examples of revolutionary, alternative and liberatory movements!

Video is Union Thugs and Brigada performing, Héros Et Martyrs

A tous nos camarades qui ne sont plus là

A ceux qui sont tombés une arme au poing

A ceux qui ont rêvé à plus d’égalité

A ceux qui en prison, ont payé leur affront

Héros Et Martyrs

Héros Et Martyrs

A ceux qui de l’Ukraine aux mines de cuivre chiliennes

Un jour se sont levés au cri de liberté

A ceux qui de Paname, au port de Liverpool

Un jour se sont levés en solidarité

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