Neo Nazi David Irving’s New Jersey speaking event is cancelled

Friday, November 13 2009

New Jersey Residents Against David Irving (NJ-RADI) is pleased to
announce that American Legion post 174 (not 175 as a previous release
said) has agreed to cancel David Irving’s planned speaking engagement

After being informed by NJ-RADI that the person who had booked the
event, Elizabeth Meyer, was in fact a supporter of Mr. Irving’s, and
being filled in on what exactly Mr. Irving’s views are, ALH Post 174
attempted to contact Ms. Meyer to confirm. When she refused to return
any calls they canceled the event.

NJ-RADI is comprised of New Jersey residents who have come together to
oppose David Irving’s tour of hate-speech and “historical revisionist”
nonsense. His meetings serve as both a fundraiser and a networking
event for Irving and other neo-nazi scum. We REFUSE to sit idly by and
allow our state to be used to these ends.

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