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New Video Promo For Three Way Fight: Revolutionary Politics and Antifascism

What’s the relationship between combating the far right and working for systemic change? What does it mean when fascists intensify racial oppression and patriarchy, but also call for the downfall of economic elites or even take up arms against the state?

Three Way Fight: Revolutionary Politics and Anti-Fascism offers an introduction to three way fight politics, with more than thirty essays, position statements, and interviews spanning from the antifascist struggles of the 1980s and 1990s to the political upheavals of the 21st century. Over fifteen authors explore a range of topics, such as fascist politics’ relationship with patriarchy and settler colonialism, Tom Metzger’s “Third Position” (anticapitalist) fascism, conflict with the business community over the 2016 presidential election, and the Trump administration’s shifting relationship with the organized far right. Many of the writings address issues of political strategy, such as tensions between radicals and liberals within the reproductive rights movement and the George Floyd rebellion, video gaming as an arena of political struggle, and the importance (and challenges) of approaching antifascist organizing in ways that are militant, community based and nonsectarian.

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