nuevo/novo/new/nouvel… álbum par Brigada Flores Magon, Immortels.

Three Way Fight


Along with Discos Machete, Incendiario!, SHARP Rio de Janeiro, Rebel Time Records, RASH U.S., RASH Guadalajara, Dure Realite, and Unite & Win Records, Three Way Fight is proud to be able to support the americas edition of the upcoming album by one of our generations most important antifascist musical groups,

Brigada Flores Magon

Hailing from Paris, BFM has for over 20 years been making music for revolution and uncompromising action against the fascists, the state and the capitalist system. More than musicians, BFM, come from the lived struggle which underlines the anthems they create. Check ’em: 

IG: @brigada_fm

FB: Brigada Flores Magon


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