RIP Ivan “Kostolom” Hutorskoy!

November 17, 2009…05:20

RIP Ivan “Kostolom” Hutorskoy! Moscow Antifascist murdered by Nazis

Yesterday, on November 16 we lost our friend.

Ivan Hutorskoy, also known as “Kostolom”, was an Antifascist and he died for his beliefs.

Ivan was one of the founders of Russian militant Antifascist movement.

He was one of those few kids who stood up against the Neo-Nazi hordes, dominating the Russian punk/hardcore scene in the 90-s and early 00-s.

While the majority of the scene was compromising with Nazi assholes, Kostolom and his closest friends started to kick the fascists out of the gigs. Soon Ivan became the founder and respected leader of Moscow RASH (Red And Anarchist Skinheads).

Throughout the years he was fighting Nazis on the streets, organizing the security of punk/hardcore gigs, taking part in countless demos, training kids in martial arts.

Neo-Nazis hated Ivan, always scared of him as one of their most dangerous enemies. His photos, address and death threats to him were posted on countless Neo-Nazis web-sites.

He had been attacked many times, ambushed near his house, always jumped by numerous opponents packed with knifes, bats and screwdrivers. He used to spend weeks in hospitals, often balancing on the edge between life and death. But he always stayed true to his beliefs and ideals.

Always on the front line. Always ready to fight any enemy, even when outnumbered. His nickname – Kostolom (“Bonecrusher” in Russian ) spoke for itself.

Ivan was ambushed near his apartment. The cowards shot him twice in the back of his head, too scared to face him even with a gun in their hands.

He lived his life like a warrior and died like a true hero.

Rest in peace, uncle Vanya! You are in our hearts forever! Never forget!

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