Tinley Park Five: Anti-fascists accept non-cooperating plea bargain

Three Way Fight


The Tinley Park Five are a group of anti-fascists who were arrested for allegedly assaulting a number of neo-nazi organizers in the Chicago suburb of Tinley Park, Illinois, on May 19, 2012. 

From the Tinley Park Five blog: 

“On January 4, 2013 all members of the Tinley Park Five accepted a non-cooperating plea bargain in which they each plead guilty to
three felony counts of Armed Violence in exchange for “lenient” sentences and the guarantee of ‘day-for-day’ good behavior. Jason
Sutherlin was sentenced to 6 years. Cody Lee Sutherlin and Dylan Sutherlin were sentenced to 5 years. Alex Stuck and John Tucker
were sentenced to 3 1/2 years due to their youth and complete lack of criminal history. Each will be placed upon two years of
supervised release upon release from prison.

“Before the plea was accepted, the State offered the Tinley Park Five one last chance to betray their comrades in exchange for their
freedom. What a waste of time! As anarchist and antifascists, the Tinley Park Five are no more capable of selling out the struggle
than their broken system is capable of reforming itself! They laughed at the offer and bravely accepted their fate.”

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For background information, see the Tinley Park Five blog’s “News” page, with links to articles on several other websites.

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