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Promotional kickstarter for the new book, Three Way Fight: Revolutionary Politics and Antifascism

Global crisis. Political and social uncertainty. War, repression, death and displacement. The ruling classes struggling to maintain their systems legitimacy. The rise of popular far-right and radically reactionary movements asserting themselves electorally and in the streets.

And yet, the world over, people see that the only way towards a better future built on dignity, justice and freedom is to organize and fight back.

Here’s some contributions to our movements from our movements.

Help us get this new book out! We got a kickstarter for, Three Way Fight: Revolutionary Politics and Antifascism.

What’s the relationship between combating the far right and working for systemic change?

The three way fight approach says we need sharper analysis of far-right movements so we can fight them more effectively. This new book, developed across decades of struggle against the far-right, provides lessons and insights for anyone seeking to learn more about fascism and antifascism and how to fight back.

Help publish Three Way Fight: Revolutionary Politics and Antifascism, edited by Xtn Alexander and Matthew N. Lyons with a Foreword by Janeen Porter and Afterword by Michael Staudenmaier. The book is co-published by PM Press and Kersplebedeb. If you live in so-called Canada, please get the book at Left Wing Books.

Learn more below about the book, contributors, praise, Table of Contents, and all the rewards, including the new book and e-Book, combo packs with related works, donation options, new antifascist shirt and scarf, and much more.

Thanks in advance for helping to get this important book into the world.

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